Fabric Sourcing and Development

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Fabric Sourcing and Development

Sample Fabrics When You Need Them

Design and fabric go hand-in-hand — one inspires the other. But you can’t start designing until you have the right fabric to work with. Because we have close relationships with so many mills around the world we can have sample yards made quickly, so you can get started on your design process as soon as possible.


Before you can start designing, the fabric has to be tested for shrink, stretch, and recovery. Before a fabric is shipped to the store, we vet it through to ensure fit and quality. That’s just one of the ways we’re streamlining our process at H.A Fashion, making us more efficient at getting your products to market quickly and into your customer’s hands.


Fabric experts:

Not sure that you need to work with? We can help! We can help to provide you with fresh and new fabric that work to enhance your designs.

Fabric innovation:

Visit our office in Vietnam, we bring a lot of new fabric all over the world for the new collection.


Need components or trims? Have a design idea for a button or zipper? We know all the best suppliers and manufacturers in the world. We can find the color and style you want, or have it made for you.