About H.A

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H.A Trading and Fashion Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of all woven products for women such as Blazer, Coat, Jacket, Top, Shirt, Dress, Pants… and offers exceptional products and services for wide range cooperation as FOB and ODM.

With over 10 years of establishment and development since 2007, our vision is to improve our services better every day along with cooperating our customers. 

We have professional team to handle full product process from designing, sourcing materials to controlling products quality and logistics. We are able to make more than 200,000 products per year which were designed with different types of fabric such as cotton, blend, poly/mix, wool, alpaca, wool/mix poly/spandex. Those materials are imported from India, China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Italy and we have made a great sense of satisfaction for our partners come from EU market like France, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, UK with good feedback.

We make and deliver 10 different collections per season. In cooperation with our international team, we follow new trend in classic, original… or with fabric supplier, cut and fit suitable for every occasion.

Our clothing is fashionable and has a high quality, we are able to produce clothes with different kinds of washing, embroidery and more finishing techniques.

With the motto: “the best quality, shortest delivery time, best price”, we look forward to serving you better! 


Sales Department: to seek new customer and support current customer.

Merchandiser Department: to control to buy and develop materials including fabric, accessories, printing, embroidery and so on.

Design Department: to create patterns, grading, making mini marker. The CAD system using is LECTRA.

Technical/QC Department: to control and examine the quality of product during production and before shipment. They check quality based on AQL 1.5 and 4.0.

FACTORY: Located in Hai Duong province, 65km from Ha Noi and took about 1.5 hours by car


Director: Dinh Trinh Dung


2. Factory name: H.A Fashion Manufacturer Co., LTD

Director: Vu Thi Hong Mai 


We’re a well-oiled machine.

At H.A Fashion, we may work with many wholesalers but that doesn’t mean we won’t provide you with the personal customer experience you deserve.

We want to become your partner, and by integrating ourselves within your company, to help in every stage of the designing and manufacturing process, making it easier and faster. By focusing on tight collaboration and communication, we can work together to solve any problems or issues that are bound to come up in the process.

Direct Line to Factories

We bridge the gap between retailers and manufacturers by providing you direct access to our factories. Not only does this lower the cost of production for you, it also eliminates many of the communication issues and delays that can come up when working with a company that simply acts like a middleman. 

We have offices at all our factories, and our team oversees every step of the production process. We even initiated a training program designed to dissolve communications challenges between offshore designers and Vietnamese factory workers. By doing so, we eliminated a lot of back and forth, and shortened the time it takes to get styles and fits exactly right.

Reliable & Sustainable Sourcing

Our closed relationships with mills and component suppliers means we can find exactly the fabrics and components you’ll need to make your design. Our team is at every major fashion show and trade show, so we always know what’s hot in the upcoming season. We’re constantly investing in the latest machines and equipment that make production faster and more efficient, which saves you money. 

Have customers who want their clothing to “go green”? We can source any number of eco-friendly fabrics for your style or line, from organic cotton grown without pesticides, recycled polyester, tencel and more. W e understand the importance of protecting our environment and responsibility to society for better life, we are along with you in moving to new business model: sustainable fashion - which is forecasted as the trends of fashion business in the future. 

Our Commitment to Transparency

We’re committed to transparency. That’s why we ensure you always have accurate information about your product from designing stage, production to shipping process. When you hand over an order to us, we don’t want you to worry about whether or not it will be made and delivered correctly and on time. You’re not giving up control of your product when you work with us. At H.A Fashion, we want you to have that peace of mind, so you can focus on what’s important: Designing the clothes consumers want.

We Won't Be Undersold

No one prices better than we do.

Our Commitment to Ethical Manufacturing

We are committed to safe and ethical manufacturing. We follow strict safety compliances and world guidelines, as well as whatever guidelines your company has. No underage workers or questionable labor practices with us — all our factories are approved by Bureau Veritas, WRAP and more.